Tuesday, 6 January 2015

15 Food That Banish Bloat || Healthy Eats

15 Food That Banish Bloat

1. Bananas
They may feel heavy but they don't make you gain weight but the opposite !

2. Cantaloupe
This fruit is full of anti-bloating potassium, low in calories and high in water content, so you can get away with eating a lot !

3. Leafy Greens
Examples are spinach, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, Artichokes, asparagus, celery and broccoli

4. Avocado
It if filled with healthy, filling monounsaturated fats. Spread it on a piece of toast if you are not use ti eating it raw and straight up.

5. Grains
Brown rice, quinoa, lentils, oats are all good to easy to bloating

6. Yogurt
Plain Greek yogurt are a good choice of snack to have during the mid day as they are rice in good bacteria that promotes gut health and makes your digestive track run smoothly

7. Fatty Fish
Salmon is my favorite fish, (if you hadn't notice) but besides that it has lots and lots of healthy, filling omega 3 fatty acid. Translate that to a non nutritional term is that fatty fish are actually less likely to be stored as belly fats.

8. Apples
You know when you have an apple, you immediately fill full and bloated? Well actually you aren't. Apple contains lots of fiber so having them before meals are nice if you are trying to keep your meals light.

9. Berries
I could eat a handful of berries and feel like I had a meal. Its so filling and full of antioxidant!

We all been there where we have a full bowl of watermelon and feel like we could keep eating but then when you stop for a few minutes, you feel super boated. This is because watermelon contains so much water and fiber. 98% is water. no wonder we feel bloated. But have no fear guys, melons are good and low in calories. No need to restrict them.

11. Egg
Eggs are filled with protein which wards off the urge to nosh. Scientist discovered that having eggs can help you eat less through out the day.

12. Nuts
Nuts are good source of protein and healthy fats. They keep you full and energized during those mid days where we just need a pick me up.

13 Tomatoes.
This fruit is high in potassium that it get rid of the belly-bloating sodium that we sometimes have. Plus, they also reverse leptin resistance that helps define those waistlines of yours.

14. Cucumber
Need I say more? These are mostly water content and keep you full when munching on them !

15. Egg plants
This veggie is very low in sodium and high in water so it helps fight bloating.
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