Friday, 16 January 2015

Throne of Glass || Book Review

Throne of Glass

She is a killer, an assassin but she was only human.

This book. O M G. I cant even. 

Her name was Celana Sardothien. She was the famous killer and was sent to a death camp. The camp was a torture, scaring you with hot blade by day, drowning you with cold salt by night. Till one day, the prince summon her. The king was searching for a assassin to do his dirty work, in return, she will gain her freedom in 4 years. It was a line between being in a death camp and being a murder. 

When she got to the castle, she realized that she was not the only assassin who the king hire. There were more and all men. They were to go against each other and the best wins. So, through her time at the castle, they took training and testes. Celana was guarded by the Castle Captain of Guard, Chaol. Chaol was in his early 20s, tall, handsome and bold. But Celana's heart was capture by the prince instead and so he to her. They got along well but deep down, Celana knew that it was impossible. He was the prince and she was a killer.

Aside from the love triangle, Celana face a bigger problem. As days went by, assassin begin to disappear and was  killed brutally. Heart ribbed out, neck tore apart, brain suck out and blood flows like river. Celana had a vision of demons, crawling their way in to the world. Someone was calling for them and creating portals. The demons wasn't just eating people up randomly, there was a sequence. 

And she was up next.

This book led me out of my chair ! It took my breath away and left me heart wondering, wanting for more. It was unforgettable and beastfully amazing ! The characters were easily connected and felt super real. The humor, the suspense, the mystery, the magic, the hocus pocus it's all so good! It's a world I would be delighted to jump into. 

hugs and kisses

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