Saturday, 17 January 2015

Crown of Midnight || Book Review

Crown of Midnight

The first book led me out of my seat, this one left me standing and jumping on a roller coaster ride.

It . Was. AMAZING ! 

I definitely saw how the characters grew stronger and wiser. This story contains so much mystery with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of romance will definitely that drive you insane!

So in this book Celena became the King's Assassin and she were to kill whoever the king demand without questions. The problem is, she never killed anyone of them. She gave them two choices, either flee and never be heard again or she will rip their heads off and serve it to the king. All choose to escape. She knew by doing this, it meant her life and Chaol's would be in danger but she just could not cold heartily kill the innocent.

This book was about Cleana discovering the deep dark secret of the castle and of herself. She found tunnels, ancient books and a portal to the other world. Someone was opening a portal to control the whole kingdom, and that someone was the king. She knew in her guts that she had to do something but she was just one against an army. She trusted no one , not even the prince who loved her dearly, not even Chaol who she fell for deeply. The lesser they know, they safe they were.

The Prince however, had his secret himself. In a long line of family tree, he inherited the family magic. The magic that Celaena was wondering and aimlessly questioning about. When a portal blooming opened, a pale ugly creature stepped into their world. Celaena suddenly turn, to a Fae. Fae is a magical creature that could change forms, like shape sifters basically. And Celaena was the last of her family. She saved Claols and the prince's life but almost took her own.

Despite learning her turn identity, she was sent to Wendlyn, a land full of magic, by the king. The king wanted to crush Wendlyn down and take over the throne. Little did the king know that he was sending back their long lost princess who was told to be dead and drown in the icy ocean. Little did he know that he was sending Celaena to her greatest, most powerful allies against him.

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