Thursday, 20 November 2014

Delirium Series || Book Review

Delirium Book Series Book Review

I watched a short film of this book series and was dying to get my hands on it. I have to say I was not disappointed. It was definitely a good read.

This book is about a girl named Lena who trusted the government and wanted the cure, the cure to amor delirium (aka love delirium). Basically its like a "disease" that they believe you will get once you falling love, it makes you emotional, excited, sad, unrealistic and etc. so the government set a rule to give everyone a cure and they will be set up with their partner. Lena then met Alex. They fell in love and Lena did not want to get the cure. She ran away with Alex but the cops caught up to them. Alex asked her to run and she did, thinking he was behind her. When she got over the fence, she realized Alex was tied down, bleeding and caught.

Lena then lived in the Wild with her new friends, Raven and her group. The part of Lena died when Alex was caught. she though he was dead and some part of her wanted him to be because she couldn't bare what they will do to him alive. Lena and the group then planned a rebellion to go against the government. It was a hell of a ride. Lena then fell in love with Julian, the major's son who wasn't cured and escape to the Wild with Lena. When she thought she could start fresh again, Alex showed up. To add more to her problem, Lena found her mother who she thought was dead since she was young. Together, they fought the government for their right, for freedom, and for love.

This book is so planned out and beautiful written. You really get into the character's mind and feels what Lena is feeling. It has a clever way to drag you into the book and make you apart of it.

Rate :  3.8/5

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