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The Darkest Minds || Book Review

The Darkest Minds Book Review

Truly speaking, I have not gotten a good night sleep after finishing this book. This book is beautiful written and definitely had captured my heart.

This book is about a some sort of disease that only children had. But the way I see it, it's not a disease,but more of an ability. The kids was captured and brought to camps where they were tested and organized to groups depending on their abilities. There are Reds, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Greens. The Reds are the most "dangerous" one out of them which mean they are the most powerful ones. Oranges have the ability to control minds, make you think and feel the way they want you to. Yellows have the power of electricity and Blues can move stuff with just a blink of an eye while Greens are free from this "disease".

Theses kids didn't know anything about what the government was going to do to them and they have absolutely no clue of their abilities till they discovered them themselves. In this book, Ruby was taken away after her tenth birthday. She was scared but she had no one to turn to because the adults were terrified of their own child. The government took her to a camp where they did test on her and also the other kids. She was scared of what the results were to be so she told the doctor she was Green. Surprisingly he believed her and walked away. Soon she discovered her ability. Not only she can make others think and feel the way she wanted but she can also erase their memories. Once, Ruby accidentally erased her friend, Sam's memory of her and since then she lost her only friend in the camp.

Soon after, she broke out of the camp with a help of a doctor, Dr. Cate. Cate didn't do it for free however. Cate wanted Ruby to help her form an Army of Orange and go against the government. At first Ruby thought Cate was there to help her and the other kids till she met Liam. Liam told her that no organization is ever going to help the kids, the only way to survive is to help yourself. So Ruby escape from Cate and went along with Liam and his two other friend, Zu and Chubs. Liam and Chubs was a Blue and Zu was a Yellow. Ruby told them that she was Green because she herself did not want to admit her abilities after seeing what happened to her friend, Sam.

After weeks of running and hiding, they found a safe ground. But was it really safe? The main organizer,Clancy was an Orange and was also the President's son. Clancy  promised Ruby to help her with her powers and Ruby felt drawn to him but soon after, she question the feeling she had between Clancy and with Liam. She knew Clancy was playing with her mind and so did Liam. They planned to run away with Chubs but the evil found his way. Clancy caught them and locked them up. However in the end, Ruby use her powers over Clancy. Clancy send the Red for her but the government caught up.


In the end, Clubs was brought to the hospital after been beaten up and Liam and Ruby was recapture by Cate. Ruby knew Liam would be hurt and killed with Cate around. They will use Liam as a tool to manipulate her so she made a deal with Cate. Cate has to promise not to harm Liam and set him free or Ruby will play with her little brain till every last of her regret the day she lay her hands on Liam. Her love for Liam was real and Liam loved her equally as much. Ruby visited Liam in his cell and they talked about their future together, creating a story line of how they want and wish things should be. Ruby finished their happy ever after with a kiss but with one kiss, Ruby erased Liam's memory of her. And when she pulled away, she was just another stranger in his eyes. Ruby was broken but she knew she had to, for Liam.


This book shows the strength, the power and the courage of a sixteen year old girl who had never fell in love so deeply in her life that she had to let him go. Her character was clever, fast thinker and also humble. She never wanted or intended to hurt anyone from the beginning of the story, but she knew she couldn't save every soul, so in the end, she let her soul die but her love one's live. 

RATE : 4.9/5

hugs and kisses

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