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Angelfall || Book Review

Angel Fall Book Review

This book is about a girl, Penryn, who has been running and hiding all her life with her mother and little sister from angels. Now angels were suppose to be good but in this story, angel were only warriors who take orders from the Messenger, who took his orders from God. One day, Penryn saw an angel been attacked by other angels and his wings were cut off.. The other angels saw Penryn, her mother and her little sister. They ran but the angels were faster and so they captured her little sister. Penryn got slipped from her mother and she was horrified that her little sister, who was in fact in a wheel chair was taken away. He held the injured, wingless angel as hostage, demanding the angel, Raffe ,to tell her where they have taken her sister.

In this book, the angel was described as muscular, tall, strong and definitely good looking, no doubt your heart will flatter after reading. As said before, the angels only took orders from the messenger, because they trust him to have direct orders from God. But no one or no angel really had seen god. they just took orders and leave no questions on the table.

In the end, Pernyn did find her sister, along with hundred of kids the angels had kidnapped. It turns out, the angels were doing an experiment on them, turning them to something terrible. Penryn and her sister almost didnt make it our, surrounded but angels, but Raffe  got then out the rebellion came in time to save them, booming the angels' building and labs.

This story is too much of a fantasy to believe. Angels with labs, bars and hotels? it wasn't my kind of fantasy and I am not saying I hate it. I like it to certain level, would be a better phrase.

Rate : 3/5

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