Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Thousand Pieces of You

A Thousand Pieces of You

If you love the Inferior Device Series then you will love this one. It was exciting, there was dimension traveling, secrets and mysteries, and romance. After reading this book, the feels will hold onto you like paper and glue. Through out the book, you could really see how the characters especially Marguerite, had grew to become stronger and more independent.

It's about a girl named, Marguerite, who's father was murdered. Marguerite's parents are booth geniuses and together, they formed a team to build a teleport machines that could send people off to different dimensions. In each dimension, there's a version of yourself so when you teleport there, you basically borrow that body at that dimension. I know it's a lot to digest but it makes a lot more sense later. After Marguerite's father died, the person accused to have killed her father was Paul, her parent's partner who is both handsome and smart. (What more could you asked for? Really.) Paul was found missing after her father died and had used the teleport machines to travel through dimensions. Marguerite got so mad and wanted so badly to kill the man who murdered her father in cold blood. Paul and her father had known for so long and they were basically a family. Marguerite could not believed what Paul had done but her father was dead so she has no choice but to seek for revenge. Theo was another genius that worked with Marguerite's parents. He wanted to jump to other dimensions to find Paul. Marguerite wanted to go with and there was nothing Theo could say or do to change her mind.

Jumping through dimension was dangerous and tricky. You will forget who you are somethings or even why you were there. However, Marguerite did not experience any of that. She was perfectly fine. In different dimension, Marguerite learnt a lot about herself. Whenever she saw Paul in the dimensions, she could not believe that he was the one who killed her father. Paul has been so close to her and her family. When Marguerite and Paul finally met, the secret was reveled. The end was shocking and sad at the same time. I really hope the next sequence is out soon because I CANNOT !

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