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The Bane Chronicles Book Review

The Bane Chronicles Book Review

I love Magnes as a character and I adore his personality. This book screams HELL YEAH the first time I got it. But honestly, I was a little disappointed in the beginning. I wanted more Alex and more romance.  HOWEVER, after two chapters into the book, I was insane over it ! It was exciting and honestly a really satisfying good read. My favorite part would have to be chapters about Alex and also Clary. (of course)

This book consists of short stories about Magnes Bane's life so I cant really sum up what this book is about. Its a lot of things but it is also just one. It's not only the interesting and exciting life you get to read about (the parties, the magic life summoning demons); there're also part where you get to see who Magnes really is and what he stands for. He is a warlock, a Downworlders, but he has a soul full of pain and love. At times, you will feel so happy for him when he found someone to love but there are also times where you just want to jump into the book to hug and squeeze him with much love while grieving for his heartache.

Magnes is someone you would want as a best friend, a boyfriend, or just a listener. He is funny, loyal and always protects the ones he loves. He has the softest heart that was build around a strong and noble personality. There are people you spend time around with that makes you feel happy but Magnes makes you feel safe.

I am deeply scarred after finishing this book. I never want it to end!  I hate that when you love a book so much, you tend to read through the pages faster but once you reached the end, you regret not digesting every word in slowly. Argh. But all great things must come to an end.

If you love the Mortal Instrument and the Infernal Devices, then this book is a must read. It makes a well connection with both of the series. The whole Shadowhunter world is so much more complete with The Bane Chronicles.

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