Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Library at Mount Char || Book Review

The Library at Mount Char Book Review

Horrifyingly cruel and surprisingly funny. This book revolves around a whole new world of fantasy. I honestly have never read anything like that. The author, Scott Hawkins, did a wonderful job creating this incredible world of death, power, and the universe. 

It's about a girl named Carolyn who is a 'librarian'. She studies all kind of languages; French, German, Spanish, and even the language of the animals but she was not alone at this house of wonders. Her Father adopted others as well. Like David, who could kill anything, anyone, and anywhere. Jennifer, who could heal people and even the dead. Micheal, who could talk to animals. Margaret, who wonder at the forgotten land searching for the dead. All of them were trained by their Father in ways that are unthinkable and brutal. One day, their Father was missing and whiles finding their Father, an untold story and secret was revealed. 

I died so many times reading this book. It was scary, cruel, and really funny. The story might not make much sense in the beginning but the ending will blow your mind! There's a perfect balance between action and humor which I think was really cleaver of the author to do so. Over all I think it was an amazing book and a really satisfying read. 

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