Friday, 3 July 2015

Compulsion Book Review


The love story in this book is both cheesy and romantic. You would be swipe off your feet reading this book. This book also consist of elements, like thriller, mystery, history, and fantasy. The FEELS are real!

When Barrie's mother died, she moved to South Carolina to live with her aunt, who was her mom's twin that Barrie had not met before or even heard of till the day her mom died. It was awkward but when she got to the plantation, her aunt Pru was kind and sweet to her. It almost reminded her of her mother because they look so alike except Barrie's mother was in a fire accident and was disfigured. Since then, Barrie's mother, Lula, never stepped outside her bedroom doors and Barrie hardly knew much of her own mother. 

In this new environment, Barrie tried to cope with the changes she had to make. Her neighbor, Seven, who was a lawyer, came over to help solve her mother's death with her aunt. His son, Eight, came by as well. Barrie was caution around them but hey, who could turn down a cute neighbor?


Barrie couldn't sleep and something outside the  window was glowing and calling for her. She looked out the window and found someone or something burning fire on water. Since then, Barrie started to see things, ghosts and spirits. She then learnt from her aunt and Eight the history of the island. There were three founding fathers, two was gifted by the spirit and one was cursed. Barrie was stuck in the middle of the mess. She had to find out what was the gift and the curse, who's story to believe in, why her mother left this island, and why is the spirit calling out to her?

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