Monday, 24 August 2015

To All the Boys I've Loved Before || Book Review

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

I have absolutely no words to describe this book. I started reading this book just yesterday night and stayed up all night long BECAUSE I CANT STOP. I kept saying "just one more chapter" after each chapter. ITS ADDICTIVE!

FYI, I did have classes at 9 this morning and I slept at 5 am. Ha! #collegelife

This book was unbelievable! It has all the elements a teenage girl crave in a love/romantic novel. It's funny, it's cute, it's sweet and it's classy classy. Every next chapter, every next page, and every next line, the character felt more and more alive. The connection you have with them is like an infinite line. You understand them, feel for them and live for them. Its amazing how the writer can slowly capture your heart into the book with bare naked words. 

Don't get me started on the story line and the juices. The love triangle, the sister bond, and the heart breaking breakups had never felt so real to me. I literally felt like I broke up with my boyfriend when Peter (one of the characters, if you haven't read the book) walked out the door. 

This book is about a girl who writes love letter to the boys she used loved. She doesn't send them off instead, she keeps it to herself. The love letter isn't the old classic ones as well, its a good bye love letter. She writes all her feelings for this boy down and after sealing the envelope, she let her feeling set and let the love fade. One day, the letter got sent off to all the boys and oh man, what a roller coaster ride ! The ending tho. THE ENDING IS SUCH A XXXX ! I CANNOT ! I have to know what happens next. Its a cliff hanger that I'll tell ya but I REALLY REALLY NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW ! And you think I've learnt from my experience with books and authors that they will always try to twist a good happy ending (and give you a cliff hanger instead) but then again even if they gave me a happy ending, I still wont be satisfy because what will happen to the characters next ?


What I have learnt is that a happy ending isn't as important as a satisfying ending. An ending that will make you heart dwell in the story (even after you finished the book hours ago) and make you laugh and cry , is a good ending, a good book worth reading till the end. And this book, my friend, is worth all your precious time.

Thanks for reading, if you read this till the end and I would love if you shared your thoughts too in the comments below!

hugs and kisses

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