Friday, 28 August 2015

We Are All Made of Molecules | Book Review

We Are All Made of Molecules

There is so much humor, love, and inspiration in this short but sweet book. It definitely warms my heart and sores my soul through out the ending. 

This book is about a boy named Stewart who is special. He is smart but socially clueless. His mother died and after a few years his father found a women to spend his life with. Caroline was great, she was nice, sweet, and best of all, she respected Stewart late mother. She, however, have a daughter, Ashley. Ashley did not like the idea of Stewart and her father moving in with them. She 'protested' and had a lot of arguments with her mom. She was even rude to Stewart's father and especially Stewart. 

Stewart was only thirteen but he was smart so he skipped a few grades Before moving in with Ashley and Caroline, he goes to a special school for students like him but he decided that now he has to explore an unknown part of life. He thinks his mother would be proud of him to be brave enough to step out of his comfort zone. School started, Ashley and Steward had some classes together. Stewart made new friends and found his spot in school. However, he hated gym class. A guy named Jared bullied him and pulled his pants down. He was so embarrassed that he made a fake note from his father to give to the teacher for the next class. Things didn't stop there, Jared then started dating Ashley and everything went like a roller coaster. 

I believe books, even novel and fiction, teaches us something in every chapter of every word. Sometimes we don't see it and sometimes it isn't clear. This book is an open book. It is easy to read and funny as well. But behind the humor, there's a few important message that the author tried to deliver. It teaches us the unity of life and how we are all made of molecules, we are all connected. It teaches us to stand up for whats right, do what makes you happy, and not to judge a book by its cover. If you love the book Wonders, then this book is a definitely must read !

hugs and kisses

PS Have I told you how pretty the book cover looks !

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