Thursday, 19 November 2015

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

You do not need a to spend $500 dollar on a therapy section. This book has it all. After reading this book, I got to understand my brain so much better and it was so clear to me now on why I feel the way I felt,why I do the things I did, and why my mind is constantly in a battle with me. It's not a heart vs mind thing, but a brian thing. Literally.

One of the major takeaway I got from this book was the 20-40-60 rule:

In your 20s, you care so much on what people think about you.
In your 40s, you stop giving shit on what people think about you.
In your 60s, you realized that no one was really watching you because they were too busy thinking about themselves.

This book also consist of many stories about people who have gone through brain issues which leads them to the act differently. These issues do not only occur to people with disorders or mental illnesses, it can happen to anybody. Have you ever felt depressed, empty, anxious, or just not yourself? This book explains how our brain works and how we can fix our brain to solve our inner battle.

It was so therapeutic and a good relaxing read. I not only got to learn more about my brain, but also about myself. 

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