Friday, 25 March 2016

Fast Metabolism Food RX

Fast Metabolism Food RX

The title and the summary of the book sounded promising but the information in the book was quite foggy. I was able to gather some information from the book but it's like when people give you too many information and you don't know if it's beneficial or just an information that is freely there to absorb.

They have meal plans listed in the book but because I study a lot on food nutrition and have a history of eating disorder, the meal plans sounded like a diet to me and it is in a way for people to get too obsessed with it and can get too concern with what they are eating. The foods that they promote are all generally healthy and whole foods so it's obvious that can speed up metabolism.

After reading this book, I contacted my personal dietitian and she said, "There is no definite food that can raise the metabolism, even though it is believed that by taking food low in calories can help in weight management. However, the most effective way of increasing metabolism rate is by doing more exercise e.g brisk walk, swimming, jogging and etc."

My dietitian works in a grand hospital and has published multiple books as well as being on talk shows and radios to speak on losing weight, building a strong relationship with healthy and body, as well as helping ED patients.

 I would say, it's okay to read the book and gather information that you want but it is also important to understand that everyone is unique and  different in their own ways. There is no single label to anyone or anything so why should your diets be too? It is okay to follow the book temporary to kindda experiment with yourself but in order to get a long term result and to treat eating as a lifestyle, not a diet, then it's important to know what works best for you; what feels good, and what your body really needs. Sometimes all I need is nuts and chips, sometimes, all I crave is rice and vegetables, and other times, I eat anything and everything on the table as long as it's vegan and it's what my mind and body crave.

Your body knows best and it is smarter than us. No specific meal plan or diet can sum up your whole life food diary. Even if you find what your body wants today, you cannot expect your body to want that food or that specific meal plan every single day. Our body changes 24/7 so discovering what "diet" suits you is a waste of time, instead, eat when you are hungry, stop when you are not, eat mindfully and eat what your body and MIND craves (even if it is not the healthiest thing in the world, sometimes you have to treat your soul) Eat whole foods produces majority of the time and allow yourself to indulge. Balance is the key. 

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