Thursday, 3 March 2016

Shadowhunters TV Series Review (Episode 1-8)

Shadowhunters TV Series Review (Episode 1-8)

Since episode 1, I have been watching this series every Tuesday, hoping that it would be better. Surprisingly, it has ! I liked episode 5 a lot. I think what changed was me. I finally accepted that the TV series will never be like the book series. I also kind of not judge the series so harshly and kept my expectations low while I watch it. 

So here are my thoughts:

Lets get the bad things out first- I didn't like the scene where Izzy had to have sex with the fairy to get information. She is Izzy, she doesn't need to use her body to get information. I also think that Clary is a little fake-ish? I don't know. What she says sounded like she is reading the script from her hand or something. I just don't believe her sometimes. However, sometimes she does have a good sense of humor, especially with Alec.

I absolutely love Magnus and Alec scene. It was adorable ! I also like Jace and Simon scene because they somehow had this thing that's really funny and like brotherly-friendish bond. Totally ship it!

I liked the scene where Alec, Simon, and Clare went back to her flat to get the box. That bond between them was remarkable. I died. I felt that that should be Jace, Simon and Clary, tho.

Not to mention, in episode 6,7, and 8, Luke showed up more and it became more interesting. I like the scene when Luke became the alpha. Also, when he was hurt, they had to send him to Magnus, Ugh that scene was GOLD !

Overall, I feel that the series is getting better and better. I have been looking forward to Tuesdays more and clearing my schedule around to watch it. Some of the actors might not have fallen into their characters yet but I see potential. I feel that they are slowing growing into their characters' skin and be them in each episode.

I do wish that the scripts were written by fans. How awesome would that be? Not to mention, how different it will be entirely?

hugs and kisses

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