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Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg

Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg 

All the Feelsssssss !

Okay, this book was a little too intense. There's a lot of drama, a lot of conflicts, a lot of bitches, but also a lot of bonding. It's all too much in one, and you think it'll be too much to handle but they all seem to fit perfectly well and balanced. That is life. Life is suck. Life does not give you one problem after another. It throws everything at you and expect you to deal with it. 

I think Zoe did a great job in this book by addressing real life problem and situations. Zoe exposed to all her readers that no one's life is perfect, no matter how happy they look in pictures or how perfect their life is on videos. She exposed the rawness of life in this book that the readers surely are able to taste. Although, not all of us get to date a famous singer but we can relate to problems like long distance relationships, conflicts; we can all relate to how people use us in our life to get what they want and how forgiving is a better way to mend the heart than trying to hide and forget.

In this book, Penny goes on the tour with Noah, expecting to spend much more time together. But the first concert has already set a disastrous start. She got lost, lost her phone, and got anxiety when Noah is performing in a big concert. Luckily, Megan is there to help her.Yes, the same Megan that betrayed her before. Penny goes home and decides to still go on tour with Noah, facing her fear and overcoming her anxiety. 

As the tour starts, Noah is been super busy with work and meetings. They literally did not spend a day together or did anything that was on their to-do-list. Not only that, Penny is receiving blackmails from the person who stole her phone, threatening her to break up with Noah. Even worst, Noah's best friend who is the drummer of the band is a jerk and got fame up in his head. 

When Leah, Noah's fake celebrity girlfriend, comes on tour too, Penny is shaking with anxiety and worries. However, Leah and Penny did not become enemies like she expected, but the opposite; they become best friends. During this tour, Penny made many friends, understand the real world better, and got to experience this chapter of life that was totally alien to her. But as the tour went on, she felt that her relationship with Noah was not going anywhere. Regardless on how much she wants this relationship to work and how much she still wants Noah in her life, Penny knows that she has to do what feels right for Noah and for herself. Will this be the end of Noah and Penny?

The ending was sweet but also will make you want to pull your hair out ! I cannot wait for the 3rd book !

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PS: Guyss ! I have been reading a lot of E-books on my laptop lately because I find it to be more convenient. Does any of you know some tablets that are good for reading? Link it to me! Please and thank you. xx

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