Saturday, 19 March 2016

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Oh man. where do I start? You know when you read Cassandra Clare's book, you have to be prepared for your heart to be shattered to million pieces.

The betrayal will swallow your heart with pain, the grief will bind you with sorrow, and the love will tear your soul into two. 

I went to Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight Tour and she told the audience, "just when you get to 2/3 of the book, get yourself ready in a fetus position."

Cruel but genius. 

In the book, no spoilers, Emma wants to find out who killed her parents 5 years ago. She never has enough clues to figure it out and the Claves would not help her. She was on her own. Until recently, there has been some murder in the downworlders. Faeries have been killed, drowned, burned. Even worst, their body was marked with the same markings on Emma's parents. It drove Emma wild to find the murderer of her parents. Thank the Angel she has Julian Blackthorn, her parabatai, to anchor her back to herself.

The more they dig deeper into the mystery, the more lost they felt. The mystery was not only about Emma, but also about Julian and the rest of the Blackthorn. It was a mystery buried in ancient time with revenge and lost.

The ending will have you screaming for more and the love dilemma will have you drown in your own tears.

I will say no more. Cassandra Clare definitely has a way to draw her readings into her Shadow world and leads them into a remarkable adventure both physically and emotionally.

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