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Eagle Elite, #1-3 (Elite, Elect, and Entice)


Eagle Elite, #1-3 (Elite, Elect, and Entice)

The Eagle Elites had me crying and breaking. It was brutally amazing. The 6th book had me the most. It tore my heart into pieces and handing them back on a silver platter. It surely promised a happy unhappy ending. What even right? Here, I'll review the first few so this post won't be a million years long. There will be a part 2 and part two will be...

The first two books were about Trace and Nixon. Nixon is the bad ass leader of the whole group of the school. He and his three friends: Chase, Tex, and Phoenix. They own the school. they rule it. Trace didn't know that he actually really owns the whole school. Nixon was giving her a hard time and she thought it was because she was the new girl. However, that was far from the truth. She was someone. Someone important and Nixon vowed to keep her safe. Hearts were touched. When Chase, Nixon's best friend, too fell in love with Trace, Nixon had to step aside. Not because he was afraid of hurting her or his best friend, he would most likely just pull the bullet on Chase, but because a war was coming and in order to keep Trace safe, he has to keep his distance. When he couldn't be there to protect her, he knew who would. He knew who would value her as mush as he did and who would protect her with his own life as he would. Chase.

Trace falls into a dilemma between loving her soulmate and loving her best friend. Chase was always there for her. Always. He was sweet and kind to her from the beginning since she came to the new school. But it was Nixon that owned her heart and soul. She knew it but it was hard to see thought it after what Nixon put her thought. In the end, she broke both their hearts. (Yes, I told you the end but is it really the end? It's not. Spoiler. Someone once told me, it's not the ending that we are looking forward to, you probably would have guessed that Trace will end up with Nixon when I first introduced them to you. It's the journey that matters. Sorry, I have been taking philosophy classes and yeah.. that explains this)

Honestly, I don't really like Trace. I don't like how she put Chase into misery and how she puts Nixon into such position. It was not fair for their of the boys. If she loves them both, she should make up her mind.

The third book is about Chase. After having his heart broken by his best friend and his lover, he lost hope. He didn't know if he could ever love again. Until she came. Mil. She was dangerous. She has secrets. When she was fourteen, Chase took her. Since then, she hated him because she was only his one night but he was her forever. Well, that's what she thought when she was fourteen. Now, she is in danger and Chase is the only one who can protect her. Chase is willing to accept her just to get over Trace. When he agrees to marry her, they made it clear that there was nothing more. Mil knows who holds Chase's heart, she doesn't push or try to claim what wasn't hers. But in the end, feelings were touched and Chase found out Mil's secret. Since she was fourteen, Mil has been suffering from her own demons. The secret nearly broke him because he walked out on her when she needed him most. He is determined to safe her now and to keep her safe with his own life. She is his everything and he is hers but when Mil's secret knocks on the door and demands payment, both of them will die because it meant war.

I love Mil's and Chase's love story. It's mature yet fun. They came together under an agreement but left with a promising love. I was happy that Chase got over Trace and that he found someone that was for him. Mil is a strong woman and Chase is.. well.. he is Chase. They are each other's missing pieces and I love that.

My casting for Nixon and Trace:

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My casting for Chase and Mil:

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