Friday, 23 September 2016

Elicit (Eagle Elite #4)

Elicit (Eagle Elite #4)

Tex is an interesting character. We didn't get much of him in the first three books but in the fourth book, his demon just ran out on us. His story was interesting. From being nobody to being the most important boss. When he was little, his family sent him away because they think he was a curse. How he is back to take his place. Mo, Nixon's sister, and Tex grew up together. They were close and closer.
When Tex cheated on her, it was the last straw. Tex regretted it and was miserable when she left but he dares not to ask her to come back to him because he did her wrong. She deserves better. Now, Tex is in trouble. Knowing she still has feelings for him, Mo tries to help him, even if it means betraying him.

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