Sunday, 25 September 2016

Elude and Empire (Eagle Elite #6-7)

BEWARE: There is no happy ending.

WARNING: You will cry. I have no doubt.

WARNING #2: It's safe to get your blanket now before you read the book.

Elude (Eagle Elite #6)

In the sixth book, Elude, Sergio was assigned to keep Andi safe. In order to do so, he has to marry her. But this marriage is not for long. Andi has leukemia and only had 6 months left. Was so sure that he would not fall for her, he did. Andi made him vow to him on their first day of marriage to not ever cry over her. Sergio never thought he would find love and when he did, his love was already about to end. It was not fair for him nor Andi. They love truly, deeply, and madly. The 6 months was either a gift or a curse. The 6 month was.. not enough. Their love story just ended too early.

The ending was devastating, heartbreaking, and depressing. I cried a river, literally, and I am going to name the river, Andi.

Empire (Eagle Elite #7)

After Andi died, Sergio was lost. She was his everything. Now he lost her, he didn't know what to do. When Val came into his life, he didn't know what he was feeling. The tinkling inside of him felt wrong. He didn't want to betray Andi but Val was different. Then, Sergio saw a video from Andi to him and Val. It was her plan all along. For Sergio and Val to be together.

It will all make sense when you read it but it's still heartbreaking and sad. Sergio deserves a big, warm hug.

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