Saturday, 3 September 2016

Extraordinary Ordinary Moments

Extraordinary Ordinary Moments

This book has   ***  P E R F E C T I O N  ***   spelled all over it. It's what I want and what everyone needs.

Basically, it's a book of random things that you value or you care about. On one page it'll ask you what is your most peaceful place that you can imagine, things you have accomplished, things you want to do, your dreams, your success, you hopes, etc.

There's so much in this book, it's amazing. Apart from being totally cute and Instagram-worthy, it's very therapeutic and helpful to the soul and mind. Especially at this time of the year, going back to school and ending 2016, stress is slowly knocking on our doors, at least it is for me. I find that writing and answering some of these things in the book, help anchor myself in me. It's easy to get lost within stress and all the things we face everyday. Sometimes, you just go, go, and go without truly finding the meaning behind what you are doing, why you are going it, and if you like what you are doing. With this book, I find myself more calm and more in-tune with myself and what I want. I discover myself often when I answer the questions. I didn't know what place I find peaceful, after thinking it for a long time, I realized what it was and in a way, it found me and I found myself.

It's a very helpful book and a very fun book with great illustrations. It's a journal that you should revisit every year to see your growth, your achievements, and to find you.

hugs and kisses

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