Thursday, 25 June 2015

All the Bright Places || Book Review

All The Bright Places

The bitterness of lost, the ability to gain strength from someone you love, and a beautiful story of how a broken girl was saved by a broken boy. It's a story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die.

I am deeply wounded by this book. It was asdfghjkl. I cannot describe.

Voilet lost her sister Eleanor in a car accident and since then she could not step into a car let alone drive one. She could never see the world the same way without her sister. Until this boy, Finch came into her life and showed her how to dance in the dark as you wait for your light to shine. He taught her how to let go but still hold on to pieces of Eleanor with her. With him, Violet became better, she became braver, and she became free. 

Although Violet was saved, Finch was not.There are somethings she could not understand about Finch and now, she could never get the chance to.

The ending was brutally unforgettable and beautifully sad. In the end,  everything fathom together like a puzzle.

hugs and kisses

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