Monday, 22 June 2015

Red Queen || Book Review

Red Queen

Has there ever been a part of you that crave an ugly betrayal, unreachable love, and sparkle of fantasy in a book? Well this book has it all.

The land is divided between bloods, the Reds and the Silvers. The Reds are ordinary people slaves who have no power, not even over their own lives. The Silvers, however, are powerful, strong and talented. They are the nobles, the royals and the elites. In time of war, you would imagine the Silvers will be out in the battle ground, fighting for they are the ones with talent and with power but instead, the king and queen would not risk sending their talented out to die, they send the Reds to the front, not to fight and to be killed because the Red stood no chance. To them, one less Red means nothing but it means everything to Mara. Mara is a Red. Her father was sent to the battle field and lost his leg. Her three brothers went after and they have not heard from them since. Maybe no news was good news.

Mara was next, they will come for her and send her off to fight until one day she met her miracle or maybe her nightmare, Cal. Since she met him, things started to change. She was requested to serve in the palace for the Royals, the Silvers. She hated them but the price was her family safety and unless supply of food. How could she not? On her first day in the palace, she found out who Cal really was. Not only that, she too found out, what she is and what she can do. She was dangerous.

She has blood of Red but power of Silver. 

She was both and she was stronger then anyone of them. The king and queen decided to study her and said to protect her. At the palace, Mara act like their puppets, dance when they sing, talk when they ask, and lie when they threaten. At the palace, she saw the true evil of Silvers. They were not only selfish people but cowards who are too afraid to fight their own wars and willing to sacrifice the Reds. She was not alone and not the only Red who felt this way. A secret group of Red called themselves the Guards held an attack at the Silver's city. This alerted the Silvers that the Red had enough and demand a voice to be heard. There was one thing the Silvers honor more then power, their pride. The king and queen refuse to bend down from the Reds, even Cal. Mara was heart broken and was even more devastated when she found out her brother Shade was killed in the attack. The king and queen hides these attack and form lies to the citizens . This made her furious so she join the Guards. From then one, Mara was not Red, not Silver. She was both and she was stronger than anyone of them.

This book was absolutely, without a doubt, an amazing, well-written story of two bloods; one fighting for pride the other fighting for rights. It was moving and exciting. It comes to a point where the characters felt so real and you worry for them as they whisper to your ears about the danger. The romance and the betrayal in this book can make one scream to the top of their lungs and when it's over you don't feel the soreness or the ache, instead you crave for more. I seriously have no words to describe.

Conclusion: YOU. HAVE TO . READ. THIS. BOOK !

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