Thursday, 18 June 2015

Four || Book Review

Four Book Review

You know the feeling when you connect to the characters in the book, you become part of them as they dwell closer to your soul? You know when you end a book, it's like saying goodbye to a friend because you will never know what will happen to them after the 'the end'? It has been two years since I've read Divergent and yesterday, I picked up this book and started reading it. I fell right into my feelings again. The connection slowly sparks as pages turn. It's like memories being replay but with new memories added on.

Four was an amazing book. It tells the story of Tobias before he met Tris. You get see his point of view as well as his thoughts and feeling; his pain behind his strength and his love behind his hate. This book was nicely written and connects perfectly with the Divergent series. When he met Tris, all the feels were rushing through my veins. I was on the edge of my seat, falling in love with the way they fall in love. Tobias makes me feel safe and when I read this book, I understand him more then I did when I read Allegiant. It was a magical book full of history, action, romance, and strength. The chemistry between the characters in this book was amazing and brutally unforgettable.

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