Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Young Elites || Book Review

The Young Elites Book Review

A dangerous love and a bitter truth under a mask of bare naked scars. 

Adelina Amouterou is a malfetto; she is marked and ostracized by her community for surviving a virus that made so many others perish before her. She is marked in more ways than one– she lost her eye to the virus, and her hair turned shock white. But, she is not alone. Many others who were sick are marked too and some of them are gifted with supernatural abilities, powers. They are the Young Elites. Adeline never discovered her power until the day she was sentenced to die. As she joined the Young Elites and she discovered her deepest self and her hidden darkness. Slowly, the darkness inside of her betrayed her to become someone she is not. 

It was a blooming amazing, tale twister, and a satisfying good read ! I am craving for more and for the next sequence now. It consists of all the elements that you dig for in a fantasy/fiction story: romance, betrayal, thriller, sacrifices and power. The way Marie Lu tells the story and puts the world she created into words can make you speechless. Maybe she is a malfetto too, gifted with talents. 

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