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Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Noah is funny, spontaneous, and loving. He is the type of guy you wish for on 11:11 and the definition of the modern Prince Charming. Penny is innocent, lucky, and very down to Earth. She is someone you would want to be or someone you would want in your life because she can just make you laugh.

In this book, Penny suffers from anxiety since she got into a car accident with her parents. Elliot, her best friend who lives next door, is the only one who knows about this. Penny decides to start an anonymous blog to write down her feelings and to be free. The blog worked ! Through the blog, she is able to express herself and also finds people facing similar issues. She feels connected, normal, and okay.

Penny is also a very good photographer. So one day, the school play asked her to take pictures. She got on stage to take the whole cast photo but fell and it was such an embarrassing moment for her. Soon, the video of her falling and crawling off stage went live on the internet. She is devastated but what made it even worst is the fact that it was her best friend since secondary school, Megan, who posted the video.

For Christmas, Penny's parents are going to New York to organize a wedding so it was a little escape for Penny, too. Since Penny's brother, Tom, who in fact is the most loving and thoughtful brother anyone could ever wish for, did not want to go, Elliot goes with Penny.

At New York, Penny bumps into Noah, a charming, good looking, and funny guy. They end up spending the whole day together and things happen, feelings changed, and connections sparked.

When Penny's little escape trip comes to an end, she is ready to say goodbye to Noah but only because she knows that they will surely see each other again.

When she got back home, things changed, secrets are spilled, and Penny knows her relationship with Noah will never be the same again.

This book was a fast and easy read. It was very touching and funny. I love Zoe, I think she is such an amazing person with such amazing personality. This book really reflected her in a way that her views can understand and recognize. I keep imagining Penny as Zoe in many cases.

I know there's a lot of people saying that Zoe did not write this book herself and that there's a ghostwriter. Yes, I am a little disappointed that she didn't write it herself but No, you cannot say she didn't put in effort to finish this book. I mean, if you know Zoe, she has anxiety, she is a good photographer, and she has a blog where she write all her feeling, thoughts, and ideas. This book is like Zoe's life story in fictional form. Marcus has a book about himself, Taylor Oakley has a book about his life too, and so many other Youtuber. Zoe was just bringing out her creativity and writing her life story in a fictional form. She loves writing, she loves being true to herself, and I believe she worked equally as hard as the writer to finish this book.

The message in this book was not only to get out of your comfort zone and fight your anxiety but also to not send hate though social media. If you have nothing nice to say, it's better not to be said. Zoe addressed at the end of her book that being mean and rude to other people online is never okay and it's never nice. You may be seeing their video or reading their blog post but you do not know them entirely. One video of them is only 10 minutes of their 24 hour life. One blog post is only a ruler long of their thoughts.

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