Saturday, 13 February 2016

Shadowhunter Academy

Shadowhunter Academy 

If you love Simon in Clare's book, then you will fall in love with him again in this book.

Simon. He is smart, funny, innocent, and just the kind of guy you would want to spend your whole life with. He is also the kind of guy you wish you could punch sometimes to shake some sense out of him. In the last book of Mortal Instrument series, Simon gave up his memories to a demon in order for Clary, Jace, Izzy, Alex, and Magnus to go back to the human world. Once he got back, Clare didn't get to see him and his life went back to normal as if he and Clare never met. Clare was heartbroken, even more so with Izzy. When Magnus and Clare went to find Simon again after the big battle with Sebastian was over, they found out that he named his band "Shadowhunter," which obviously means he remembers some part of it, right? I mean it's Simon he is a curious little beast.

So Magnus got this idea of letting Simon into the shadow world again and give him back his memories by being a shadowhunter. 

So Simon agreed. In this book, it's all about Simon going to the Shadowhunter Academy, learning how to be a shadowhunter, and hopefully be able to find a parabatai. Throughout the book, you will want to hug him because he just seems like a lost puppy without his memories but sometimes you will also want to punch him because of what he says to Izzy. He breaks up with Izzy because he says he can never be the Simon she remembers because he has forgotten who that Simon was. He says that it isn't right for him to let her wait till he gets his memories back and wants Izzy to move on.

Throughout his journey to be a shadowhunter, he lives in a nasty dorm, makes new incredible loyal friends and even some not so great ones, he also learns many skills and the history of the Shadowhunters. Most importantly, he gets to rediscover who he is and what he wants to be. He might never be the same Simon in the past that everyone remembers, but his is not less incredible now and I think everyone loves him regardless.

It's a soul grabber. It's a very short book but full of content and excitement. After this book, it's even harder to not love Simon and the Shadow world that Clare has created. It's both amazing and remarkably magical. 

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