Friday, 5 February 2016

Lucky Rice Cookbook

Lucky Rice

This book reminds me of my childhood grand dinner with my family. There're many Asian/Chinese entrees and well as desserts that have some modern twist to it.

Since I'm vegan, the recipes do not suit me. However, Chinese New Year is around the corner, so I think this will be the perfect gift for my mother. She loves cooking and would love to be inspired by some of the recipes in this book. Honestly, I, myself am inspired to try the recipe and making them vegan. Being vegan does not set restriction at all! All I have to do is replace meat with tofu, chicken broth with veggie broth, and fish sauce with vegan sauce. Vegan is so easy and with so many sources now available, it's not hard to veganize your dishes ! I would try to experiment the recipes and will keep you guys updated.

The book has a unique twist to traditional Chinese dishes that is simple, easy, and no doubt delicious.

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