Monday, 1 February 2016

Glass Sword [UPDATE]

Glass Sword 

The first book, Red Queen, got everyone excited for this book! Guys the fighting and the action in this book is real and so intense! 

After escaping from Maven, Mara and her "gang" are now off to hunt down some "newborns", people like Mara with Silver and Red blood and have abilities, before Maven kills them all. Along the journey, Mara learns one thing and that is anyone can betray anyone, even herself. She isolated herself and became a different person. To her, Mara died when Maven betrayed her, now, she is the Lightning Girl. Along the journey, she finds deadly powerful newborns but with one additional member to her gang, another one dies. Maven is playing the hunting game with them and killing everyone in his way. With more lost and more sacrifices, Mara grows bitter. When the bell of the final battle rings, will Mara make more sacrifices or will she finish the job?

The ending had all my hopes shattered to pieces. I cannot believe the ending. It's rather disappointing actually. I cannot tell you how many time I reread the ending, hoping each time it will be different. ARGH, the struggle is real. 

I also felt that the author was too caught up with wars and battles that she forgot to include some romance or some character-to-character bond in the book. Mara is overly obsessed with killing Maven that she forgets to stop and look around at the people who are fighting by her side, protecting her, and loving her. Although this book has many actions and adventures, from stealing a ship to releasing prisoners, it lacked the type of friendship or love between the characters. In conjunction to that, in this book, Mara was acting very isolated, she didn't trust anyone, not even herself sometimes, so it's all very dark and lonely to be in her mind for all the chapters till the end. 

This book will be out on February 16, 2016 so make sure you mark it on your calendar !

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