Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Walk to Remember - Movie Review

A Walk to Remember - Movie Review

Firstly, I have watched this movie for three times now.
Secondly, I did read the book first before I saw the movie
Thirdly, I still cannot even handle my feels.

Okay, so I have never stumble upon a movie that is so similar to the book. Like if you watched at Divergent, Paper Towns, or Twilight, the movies and the books have significant differences but this movie does not. It's literally like the pages are coming to life.

Jamie may not be hottest girl and London may not be cutest guy but together, they are unbelievable. The more you get into the movie the more you can see how their character's personality really shine and how they just fuse together so well. (My vocabulary is messed up after the movie, apologies.)

The most heartbreaking and touching movie that I have ever seen in my 19 years of living on planet Earth. I cried EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch this movie and that says something.

When Jamie tells Landon that she has cancer and when London races to his dad for help. When London gave Jamie flowers and told her dad that he will always be there. When Landon asks Jamie to marry him and when she walked down the aisle to be married. When Jamie died but Landon is still madly in love with her. My favorite part would have to be when London visits Jamie's father and the father said: "you were her miracle". That just screwed up all my feels I have left.

If you have not seen it, you probably should make it as your priority now and if you have already watched it, watch it again. I applause Nicholas Sparks for such an amazing story but at the same time I wish he doesn't have to break my heart like this.

Just a heads up, it is an old movie so the cars, the computer, and the fashion are all old school. Also, remember to grab a tissue box before starting the movie.

hugs and kisses

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