Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My Thoughts on The Shadowhunter TV Show on FreeForm

My Thoughts on The Shadowhunter TV Show on FreeForm

Yesterday, I had to chain up my inner fangirl. Not only PLL is back with 5 years forward but the new Shadowhunter series was up live ! I watched it twice. In my offense, the first time I watched it, I was too distracted by Simon's cuteness and Alex's hotness. It's hard for me to break down and to gather my thoughts together on what I thought of the series but after a night of calming down my fangirl self, I will try my best.

Overall, it was amazing. I love the whole shadowhunter thing. I think Dominic as Jace is absolutely amazing. He is very protective, hot (obviously), strong, and has his own personality, a nice twist to the "original" Jace. Alec is drop dead hot ! And the chemistry between him and Jace is there, so transparent yet so layered, ya'know. It's like this thing going on where he always has Jace back and gets jealous when Jace finds Clare. Argh I ship this ! I also like Isabelle; she is fierce, sexy, dangerous, and actually really smart. Don't get me started on Simon. I love Simon. He is funny, he is always there for his friends, he is cute and hot, and he can SING (!), did I mention that he is funny? Luke is really hot too, compare to the original movie, The City of Bones, Luke looks wayyyy hotter and very mysterious. Same goes to Jocelyn, she is much like the modern type of mom, very pretty, sexy, and strong. 

You may have notice that I miss out one important person, Clare, oh I don't know, I just felt that she is not really what I expected. Lily Collins set up a high standard to be Clare Fray but I don't know, I felt that Kat (who plays Clare in the series) has not yet understand Clare as a character and has not really let this whole thing sink in? I mean her mood changes too fast that I don't know if I can believe her or not. One second she is screaming at Jace, saying that he is insane, while he explains to her about demons, the next, she is up for a mission to fight the most powerful Shadowhunter. She also runs away in a middle of a conversation a lot . However, I do admire her courage and her determination to find her mother. Not to mention, she has beautiful eyes. (I like looking at people's eyeballs, okay, don't judge)

The pace of the series was also really fast. I think that was the main problem for me. I would much prefer them to shoot an episode of how Clare comes to understand shadowhunter, let it sink in, digest it for a while, and wrap her mind around the new world and her true identity. Instead, in the first episode she was already going into the shadowhunter mood, which, for me, happened too fast, so maybe that was what made it hard to believe.

I would love to watch the whole episode, nonetheless. I love the world that Cassandra Clare has built. It's a world of demons, magical creatures, and shadowhunters that you wish to escape to when the reality seems to be the demon himself.

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