Friday, 8 January 2016

The Heart of Betrayal Book Review

The Heart of Betrayal 

It's not everyday you get kidnapped by the man who killed your brothers and kept you alive just because you are gifted and have super powers. 

In this book, Lia was taken away by her kingdom's sworn enemy, betrayed by Kaden, and now has to find a way to get out. In addition to all the mess she is in, she does not know whether she should trust Kaden, the man who she thought was protecting her but was assigned to kill her or the Rafe, the prince who lied to her.

Though she was held prisoner, Lia never gave up hope that she will one day be free. She now knows that Kaden will always be loyal to Venda and Venda will always be her enemy. Rafe on the other hand, risk all he had, his kingdom and his life to save Lia. Together, Lia and Rafe plan to escape but Komizar, the leader of Venda, is too cunning. Komizar would never let Lia walk out of his kingdom alive. Whiles Komizar is away, Lia gets the chance to explore the land of Venda and saw not loyalty in the people's eyes but fear. They fear Komizar, the soldiers and the Council. Lia wants to use those fear to her advantage. Will she win over the people and escape? Will she win the battle between her and Komizar with Kaden on his side? Will her power be a gift or a curse?

I think Pearson is trying to make me cry, I think she is, and yes, she succeed. The ending tho. ARGH! I CANNOT! HOW? WHAT? okay. Let's take a step back. The beginning of the story was exciting and dangerous. When you get to the middle, you feel as if it's your mission and your life is literally on the line. In the end, you will just *flipthetable . This book will definitely leave a deep scar in your memory and the feels man. ohh boyy. After I finished the book, I immediately checked on goodreads and there is a third book coming! Yay right? no! The book comes out on August! That is literally 8 months. 8 months of not knowing what will happen to Lia? After I have connected with her, feel for her and actually live in her mindset for 470 pages? NO ! 

You can tell it was a brutally amazing book. It is exciting, powerful, and fierce. Just read with caution, maybe lock you feels aside for a while. 

hugs and kisses

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