Thursday, 7 January 2016

Rebel Belle

Rebel Belle 

“Look at him. Whole life turned upside down, and he’s in there making pizza rolls.” 

Harper Price's live was perfect; perfect grade, perfect boyfriend, perfect student, perfect daughter, perfect neighbor, perfect citizen, and a perfect future well planned. On her important night, the night she will be crown as the Prom Queen, her destiny changed. She changed. From being a normal highschool girl, she changed to become a protector. Now, she has some superhero power and a duty. Harper has to protect David, the boy she swore she hates, from being killed. 

Still trying to make sense of what is happening in her life, Harper has to find out who is hunting David, why is he hunted, and try not to get both of them killed in that process. When balancing between her perfect life and her secret destiny to protect David goes out of line, Harper has to choose what is more important; the perfectly normal life she has or protect David, her least favorite person. 

This book kind of remind me of The Vampire Diaries for some reason. I keep imagining Elena and Caroline when I was reading this book. Actions are packed in all 300+ pages. Every chapter there is either someone dead or someone going to die. The ending has a very clever twist that will leave the readers breathless. Trust me, when you get to the end of the book, you will be holding your knife, ready to fight for the next book. It's brutally amazing and leaves you restless. 

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