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Studying Tips

Studying Tips

I know the stress is rising after the holidays. We all have tests, exam, quiz, homework, and finals to prepare for. You might feel overwhelmed by what is going on and things may feel like they are out of hand. I know. I feel that too. College semester is starting next week for me and I am pretty nervous but one question everyone asked me is how do I study and prepare for exams?

Here are some tips I can give you:

1. Sticky notes.

I use sticky notes all the time, to remember stuff, to write down what I have to do after school, and to quickly write down what I need to research on if I do not understand what the teacher is teaching in class. I make a list of things I have to do after school so I don't forget and won't panic tomorrow morning when I remember I hadn't done my homework. Also, you know those times with the teacher is telling you something but you don't understand and you can't pull your phone out to check? I write it down on a sticky note and search for them online when I am back at home. Sticky notes are babe.

2. Study right after the lesson.

What I always do and recommend, is to study the notes and what the teacher/lecture had taught in class today right after the lesson/school. This way, the memory and the knowledge are still fresh. It's always smart to gather the knowledge one day at a time rather than cramping all in before the test. So study whatever the teacher has taught in class after school. When you do this everyday, you don't have to spend a lot for time revising for the exam because you already understand and mastered it. This may still sound a little confusing so let me give an example: If your teacher teaches you Lesson A today, read and study Lesson A at night after you done homework and stuff. Next week, when the teacher teaches Lesson B. Study Lesson B that night. Then, the next few days, study both Lesson A and B together. Same thing goes one. Next week when teacher teaches Lesson C, study that at night and a day later study Lesson A, B, and C together. This way, you are gathering information slowly, one by one. By the time you are revising lesson C, Lesson A would be as easy as a pie and you don't have to spend a lot of time on it. It's like reading something for 3 times, when you do that, it's stuck in your mind.

3. Write everything down!

Whatever the teacher said, it must be important. Write it down. Even if you don't feel like paying attention that day because we all have those days, just write whatever the teacher said. When your mind can gather itself up and you are more in the study mode, just read what you wrote. It's like recording the lecture but did you know the more you write, the more you'll remember. SO WRITE!

That's my three tips. I find myself not able to concentrate when I have friends around for group studies because it's easy to talk about other things that are more interesting. I also am not a fan of colorful notes because they look a little messy. I would recommend finding your comfort zone to study and really shut down wifi, all your connection, and study. Even spending an hour or two on what the teacher has taught  each day can help.

Now you may ask, why should you take my advice and my tips? I always love trying new ways to study and experiment with a lot of them. I find that these three things give me the best result. I have a GPA of 4.00 so maybe that gives me the credit?

All in all, what I recommended is only the basic. To really study and achieve A's in class, you need a motivation, you need the will and determination in YOU. You need to want it so badly that you will work your ass off of it.

I hope you all have a lovely semester and a kind reminder, there are only 20 more weeks till summer. #winks.

hugs and kisses

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