Monday, 18 January 2016

The Treatment

The Treatment 

You matter - Realm

I am helplessly destroyed by this book. It was amazing! It's actually rare for all the books in a series to all be amazing but Young did a wonderful job in keeping her readers hooked. In the book, the Program would give patients pills to erase their memories, I think that is what Young is trying to do. Giving her readers excitement, suspense, betrayal, and romance, then leaving her reader to dwell in her world and forgetting reality; the world where friendship, hope, and love is the Treatment to depression.

So the first book of the series, the Program, left off with Sloan and James running away. In this book, both of them join the rebellions but there was something fishy about them. James and Sloan cannot trust anyone. Things didn't go as well as planned and the Program are now hunting them. With no one they can trust, Sloan and James have to stick together but something came between them. Sloan is captured and brought back to the Program. This time, they will not just erase her memory but they will make that she is erased from the world. 

Reading this book, being in Sloan's mind, and experiencing what she is going through, feeling what she is feeling, and just living in her thoughts can be both dangerous and exciting. When I take a step back from the book, I actually have to gather my thoughts together and get back to myself and to reality. Young definitely has her way of making her readers feel involved in the story. It was a brilliantly, well written, amazingly told story and I wish the tale would not end. 

“It's taken me all this time, all this loss, to realize what really matters is now.” 
― Suzanne Young, The Treatment
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