Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Program

The Program 

I think prince charming is too old school, every girl deserves a James in their life. Every girl needs a boy that can remind them how lovely they are even then they look like a laughing giraffe. Every girl needs a boy that can pick up her broken pieces and cherish them like his own. Every girl needs a boy to tell them "everything will be okay," when she lost hope, even though he does not believe that tomorrow will be okay, he needs her to believe so. James is that guy.You know when nothing's going right, James will make everything better. But what happens when James cannot make it better?

Sloan is broken but she has to fake it to live. She has to fake it or she will be sent to The Program. The Program is where people go when they are depressed. The people in the Program "fix" them. When the "patient" comes out of the six-week program, they are empty souls. They can no longer remember their past, they can no longer remember who they were or who they are. When Sloan's brother dies, Sloan was broken but James was there to fix her. Now, a good friend of theirs commits  suicide, Sloan has to keep James together or he will be sent to the Program. 

When James' situation gets worse, he is sent to the Program. A week later, so does Sloan. The six-week in the Program is horrible. She wants to hold on to her memories because they are all she has but the Program slowly strips them away from her, one by one. After six weeks, she no longer remembers anything from the past, she no longer remembers who she was like before. It's as if she is a walking robot, alive, but empty inside. Although she could not remember anything from the past, whenever she sees James, she feels something different. Slowly, day by day, memories from her past hits her. She could remember bits and pieces and she remembers James. 

When nothing seems important and everything matters, go with your gut. I love this book. The love that James and Sloan has is like Bella and Edwards'. It's unbearably sweet and the story line is utterly moving. Not gonna lie, I finished this in less than 5 hours. The last time I read a book this fast was Twilight? I don't know. It was amazing. I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book! 

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