Friday, 22 January 2016

The Remedy

The Remedy

This book is supposed to be the introduction to the book The Program. In this book, some teenagers under the age of 18 are trained to be closers. They are trained to help people get over their griefs and move on in life. Quinlan McKee is a closer since she was seven years old. Her mother died and her father works in the same field. Every week or two, she will be assigned to a family's house and help them grief over their loss. How does it works? Quinlan will study how they die, what they used to be like, how they talk, things they like to do, mimic their behavior, dress up like them, and becomes them. This job is not like therapy or counseling. Quinlan has to become the daughter of the family, she has to forget who she is to become another person. On one assignment, Quinlan has to pretend to be Catalina, whose death is undefined. The family is nice to her, Catalina has a boyfriend, and for once, Quinlan feels like she is living a normal life. She got depressed when she realize that in another two weeks she might be in another family's house, being someone totally different. She may be helping people grief but she still hurts. She may be taking other people's pain away but she is lost. She has to find herself again and anchor that in her before she is lost forever in another girl's life. While on this assignment, Quinlan becomes suspicious over Catalina's death and on the same time, her partner, Aaron, is also on an assignment and his patient's death is also undefined. There is a pattern to all the deaths and there is something going wrong with the system, and the cooperation and Arthur Pritchard (Creator of the Program) are at the center of it.

I never got so confused whiles having so much information and answers. This book is brilliant! The feelings were there and real. I never felt as lost as I am reading this book, so depressed and sad for Quinlan. She has to help others grief while she has no time to feel hurt and recover herself. However, how the book ended left me with more question than what I 've started with. I am really looking forward to another book to give me all the answers. This book has the elements of suspense, mystery, romance, betrayal, and psychological drama, that readers will fall head over heels for. It's like PB&J sandwich, all mushed up together, don't look so great, but brilliantly combined.

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