Sunday, 29 March 2015

AfterWorld || Book Review


You know when you crave for a little of horror during the night, knowing it wont let you sleep but convincing yourself otherwise? Where when you are reading it half way a horror/thriller part in the book, knowing you should stop cause it gives you the chills but urge for the ending? This book it 600 pages long but each page is a page turner. 

Its a story of a young writer, Darcy, and her fiction character, Lizzie. Darcy is a 19 year old newly author who came to live in NY for her first publish. Lizzie is a fictional character in Darcy's book who is still in high school but got involved in an airplane attack that nearly took her life. Well, it did. Darcy wrote an amazing story about Lizzie and build a strong personality for her.After being attacked Lizzie could see the dead and was sort of their guide to the Afterworld. 

Lizzie's soul was pretty much alive but half of her heart was dead. Now, she has to help her friend, Mindy who died 8 years ago, to hunt for her murderer. How will you kill the living if you were going to face them at death? Lizzie also found people like her but they were's all that friendly. An old man, interested in Lizzie, was the predictor meaning he hunts and prey on young ghost for their memories. Lizzie knows he was the bad guy but to kill Mindy's murderer, Lizzie has no choice but to ask him for help. The old man agreed to help Lizzie, but under one condition, Lizzie has to first kill the Mindy's murderer herself.

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