Friday, 13 March 2015

The Silver Witch || Book Review

The Silver Witch

If you loved Disney Halloween movies when you were young, you will fall flat on this book ! It has a perfect balance of fantasy and mystery with a hint of thriller and romance.

Its about a girl who was born a witch and embraced her power. She worked for the prince, protecting him as a guardian. She was powerful and strong but one thing she cant control was falling madly in love with the prince. She knows she cant be with him because he was her prince but she was not his princess. His princess couldn't bare a child and slowly the prince fell in love with the witch. They grew founder to each other and were desperately in love. The witch had his child; a baby girl, skin as white as snow and eyes as shiny as diamond. The princess was jealous and her maid came to see the witch. The maid also have some talents up her slaves. She came to the witch and asked her to give up her daughter. When the witch refused, the maid asked if she wanted some bread that she baked. The witch knew something was up so she sent the maid away. A guide, who was protecting the witch, reach out for the bread and was killed by a venomous snake. The maid was held against trial for trying to kill the witch and killed a bold soldier. Before her last breath, she cursed the princess's generation of child to not live long enough to see their children grow and to never find peace.

Generations after, Tilda found herself living by a lake after her husband died. Since then, things has been happening to her. Things she could not explain. Is Tilda a witch or was she cursed?

I freaking love this book ! It's brutally good and unforgettable. I find myself thinking about it days after. The story haunts you to want more.

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