Thursday, 19 March 2015

Proof of Forever || Book Review

Proof of Forever

We all have friends we swore to be together forever. We all have friends we swore to never fall apart. We all have friends we swore to grow up with. But reality isn't all that pretty. This book tells a story of four girls who used to be the best of friends but grew apart from each other as they grow up. One day, one of them, Joy, called them up for a reunion. Tali, Luca, and Zoe wasn't sure why out in the blue Joy would want to meet but something in them felt right to go.

When they met, they decided to bury their memories and to say goodbye to the past. But before they could do so, something happened. They were suddenly knocked out by a big flash of light. Before they could catch their breath, they are back in Camp OK, two years ago when they were still the closes friends.

Trying to get back to the presents, the girls each learn secrets, not only of each other but also of themselves. The figure that they cant change the past because it would change the future. However, a little part of them each wished the future were a little different. As they learn more of themselves, they hope for a second chance and a wish of hope in the future. In the end, the three girls learnt a terrifying sad truth behind Joy's sudden wish for the reunion.

It was a easy book to read, filled with emotions and excitements. You could easily connect with the character and helplessly drown yourself in the fantasy of this book. A book fills your time but a good book fills your mind. After reading this book, I sat down and had flash backs to my kindergarten friend, my childhood playmates, my middle school homes and my high school babes. Truth is, sometimes friendship does end, so without being said, before the chapter of friendship comes to a The End, have fun, live wild and cherish the moments.

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