Thursday, 12 March 2015

NightBird || Book Review

Night Bird

Towns all have secrets, small towns especially. In this small town where Twig lived, there's a monster. A monster that steals your apple pies at night; a monster that hunted everyone. People don't believe that monsters exist, but they do here. Twig lived with her mother in an old house, like any ordinary family but there's nothing normal about Twig's family. The truth is when her mom moved back to this small town from Boston, she didn't just bring back a daughter, she also had a son. In a small town, everybody knows everyone, but not Twig's brother, James. He is like any other boy but stronger, more good looking, funny and the fact that he have wings. It was a curse, so to say. Twig's family was cursed for 200 generation that their first born son would be able to fly. This traced back to the ancient days where an old witch cursed Twig's family because of a broken heart. Now being able to fly seemed like a super power to us; however, wasn't fair for James, or Twig because they couldn't live a normal life, they couldn't have friends, they couldn't accept invitation and they certainly couldn't invite people over. Think what they would do if they found a 17 year old boy with huge blue purple wings? James, unfortunately, fallen in love with Agata, the great grand daughter of the old witch. In addition to that conflict, people in town were building up a committee to hunt the monster down. What they didn't know was that the monster was just an ordinary boy, with a curse to fly.

It's a beautiful love story with a hint of magic and a dust of mystery thrown all over. The character in this book felt real as you dive deeper into it and before you know it, you felt drawn to them as part of the story. There' little sayings in this book that made my inner self thrown glitter into the air.

From then on, I didn't cry when I was disappointed. I just stored up my hurts, as if they were a tower made of fallen stars, invisible to people, but brightly burning inside of me.

Like a bird in a cage, he grew silent.

Book on sale on March, 10 2015
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