Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cherish the Ones You Love, and Love the Ones You Cherish

I had a fun day today. I went shopping with mum which was nice to spend time with her. 

NOTICE : Please, please please, cherish every single person around you cause you may not know when they will be taken away. After seeing so many airplanes gone and missing, I grief for the ones who lost their families and also the ones on the plane. Life is unfair. With wars going on at some part of the world, innocent people are getting hurt all the time. I even saw a little boy who was almost 7 years old (?) was bombed to dead. Like what?! 

Anyways, I bought some clothes and got some more accessories today. Been walking around the mall for hours and I didn't know I was tired till I sat down in the car and was like "oh man, my legs burn" Also, I am going on a holiday tomorrow ! yay ! but I wont be posting on Sunday and Monday. boooo.  I will be back on Tuesday tho ! I will post all the pictures and maybe a little haul of what I got there. Its nice little sea side with seafood ! I love seafood ! IF YOU DO TOO , tweet me ! I would love to talk to you guys ! ;D 

I am organizing my whole blog post :

Monday : Motivational Monday

Wednesday : Wednesday Book Nerd

Friday : Friday Foodie

Saturday : Saturday Inspiration (which is today)

Sunday : Sunday Thoughts 

Hugs and kisses

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