Monday, 21 July 2014

John Green's || Book Reviews

So I have a collection of John Green's books as you can see. I had already did a review on TFiOS  here. 
I would definitely say John Green has a very different  way of writing and the way he carries you in his books though out his own nerd, exciting and weird world.

I am now going to do reviews for the rest so yay ! STAY TUNE ! keep scrolling down. xx

Looking For Alaska 

I read this book quite a while ago but what I remember is its about a girl in school trying to make the best of it and pulling out jokes, pranks, falling in love, and it was really nice. You get to go on a journey of wild teenagers who probably gets in trouble everyday but not get called in for detention. So it was cool to see that point of view cause I know I wouldn't have experience any of what Alaska had. Coward me.;(

Rate :3.5/5

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

I have to say this book confuses me so much at first but when you get it, you get it. Its fun, its exciting and as you can tell, its weird. Its about this two boys, finding each other in a store and have the exact same name. They hang out and I am not going to spoil you so read for more details ! :D (<<< my evil smile)

Rate 3/5

Let It Snow 

Aside from TFiOS, this could be my favorite of them all. Its fun, its exciting, its romantic too ! This book actually have different authors writing for different characters so you get to know the full round story. It was really a good read.  I didn't let go of the book till i realize I have finished it in just a day ! It was crazy how drown I was to it.

Rate 4.6/5

Hugs and kisses

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