Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nicholas Sparks || Book Review Part 2

So this is part 2 (!) of my Nicholas Sparks books ! Hope you enjoy !

Dear John

I love hate this book. It makes me go "whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!" and literally tear up reading this. Its so moving and so sad. It may be in my top 10 ! This about this girl who fell in love with a boy during summer (normal right? not !) The father of the boy had a mental sickness so there was some arguments between the two love birds. Also, after summer, the boy was heading off to serve the army, and it would probably be for months and of course dangerous. This set off a task to see how strong their love is.

Rate : 4.5 /5

Safe Haven

This book is so exciting. Its kind of a mix of thriller and love (?) Its about a girl running away from her mean and over controlling husband who is very violent to her as he hits her and she is utterly afraid of him. Then one day she had enough and decided to run away. Her husband was a cop so she changed her fair , her name and basically lived a new life far away. In the new town, she met someone. He is tall and good looking but a father of two. Tho that does not bother her but she is still afraid to fall in love after what she had gone through. This book got my heart racing for her when her husband found her! It was very exciting.

Rate : 4/5

The Best of Me

A long time ago during High School, Amanda and Dawson are high school sweet hearts but due to Dawson's family background, Amanda's parents refuse them to be together.Amanda moved away and got married but was not happy. After twenty-five years, she went back and bump into Dawson. (opss?) and they had a week together which made Amanda doubt her marriage and her love for Dawson. But love is not that simple. Dawson had been hunted by some mean and nasty neighbors who eventually wanted to kill Dawson. Its a very exciting book and the ending is satisfying.

Rate : 3.8/5

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