Thursday, 31 July 2014

Mummy, Come Home || Book Review. [BONUS]

Mommy , come home.

Its a book where you will definitely tear up and appreciate life. After reading this book, I had this self love planted in myself. I started loving life and appreciating everything around me; the people, the environment. Its about a real life person, that has been through SO much in life. She was raped, she was married to the wrong guy which was horrible to her ( spoiler : he asked her to be prostitute just so he can have money to drink what?!) So she ran away and she was sold by her own friend. It was horrible what she had gone through. If you are at a rough time in life now and think you are alone, READ THIS ! It did give me hope and the feeling that I am not the only one dealing tough times. There are people who been through worst and I should be grateful. This book opened my eyes to the reality, the true world. Its not all good and pretty, sometimes, the world can be a dark and dangerous place. My heart sank when I read this book and I hope you read it and find hope because the girl in the story did NOT give up even after so many storms and hurracanes in her life. Heck what gives us the right to give up on small problems we face daily? If she could get pass her storm, so could we.

Rate : 4.3/5

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