Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nicholas Sparks || Book Review Part 1


I loveeee Nicholas Sparks book, they are very moving and very romantic. If you haven't read it, you are missing out but it's also a good thing because you will be chasing after a future husband like the man in his books but then your dream guy will be shatter by reality in the end. So thats, that, lets get on with the reviews!

A bend in the Road

Have you ever thought of a teacher falling in love with a parent? Well it may sound gross but this book. Oh man. It makes my feels go crazy and its sooooo romantic.Miles lost his wife due to an accident and his son seems to struggle in school so his son's teacher Sarah talked to Miles.Who knew that Sarah had a bond with Miles and kept it a secret till one day they both fell in love. Its a book worth reading. 

Rate : 4/5

Message in a Bottle

This book is very romantic, I wish boys would be like what said in books. So its about a girl who is a journalist and writes for a newspaper. One day she found a bottle with a note in it beside the beach. She was drawn by the note and determined to find the man who wrote it so she could write about it in the paper. When she did found where he is, after getting along, she fell helplessly in love. And she had a hard time telling him the main objective she was there. She then had to choose between her job and the man she loves.

Rate : 3.6/5

At First Sight 

Its about a man who had a failed marriage and refuse to believe in love again until he met a girl at his friend's place named Lexie. After getting along pretty well, they fell in love and got engaged. Happy every after does not come easy in Nicholas Sparks books (duhh) so a mysterious email was sent to Jeremy (the man) that set off challenges and ebbs for the Jeremy and Lexie, testing their love and trust of one another. The ending will both shock you and you'll wait to pay Sparks a visit.

Rate : 3.6/5

The Choice

This book. I know there already a movie out but reading it is much heart breaking. It is so moving and so fun to read. So this man who is in the army had a picture of a girl and his friend said it was a lucky charm as it saved him during the war. After he got back from the army, he set of a search for his lucky charm. When he did found the girl, he didn't have the courage to tell him about the picture so he , i would say accidentally , became the staff in a dog care which was owned by the girl herself. Each day, they got closer and yes you guessed it, they fell in love. I will stop here because if I do continue I will spoil the fun and the tears. heheheh.

Rate : 4/5

Night at Rodanthe

When you read this book, it will feel like a short story but contain so much goodies. I wish I could visit Rodanthe and find a man. joking. Its about a girl needing a holiday so she went to Rodanthe which is a beautiful, beach side place. And while she was there, she rent a house of her friends, and the man who rent it to her was there, helping her with links, and there was a storm and stuff so as the got along, she fell in love. So in the end of the trip, she had to choose to stay or to leave. Read to find out what she choose but in the end, I promise swear, you will be shocked and you will literally cry a river.

Rate : 4/5

Hugs and kisses.

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