Sunday, 20 July 2014

Eleanor and Park & Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell || Book Review

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So I read these two books about a month ago (?) and I would say I like the concept of the book. The way the author carry us through her story and it was really well written so bravo Rainbow Rowell !!

I would have to say I liked Eleanor and park much more then Fangirl. For those of you who havent read these books, here's a short review.

Eleanor and Park 

This book makes me feel so much confident and its much more realistic to me somehow. Whenever we read something, its always about a very cute guy with blue eyes with a sexy girl but this is different. Its about an Asian guy falling madly in love with an quiet, awkward, chubby girl with massive red hair. Eleanor wasn't the prettiest or the fairest of them all but she was enough for Park and that really touched my heart. It actually taught me the whole society that not everyone is picture perfect and that in reality, not everyone has blue eyes or a size 0 but still can find a happy ever after. I think everyone should read it and its totally worth it.

RATE : 4/5


This book consist of both humor and fandom. Its like a fangirl writing a book and we are reading about her life. This girl have a twin and was off to college and she found wild friends, book buddies and also of course love. Cody in this book is probably an ideal boyfriend who can be both your best friend and boyfriend at the same time. Its sweet and moving to read.

RATE : 3.8/5

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