Friday, 8 April 2016

Fifty Shades of Freed

Fifty Shades of Freed 

It's the last book of the series and I am mentally and emotionally not ready
I mean, it's a 500+ pages book, only 200+ more than the first two but it's still not enough. I cannot contain this type of emotions.

Okay, lets break it through.

The beginning of the story was quite foggy, to be honest. We dive into Ana's dream a lot and I get confused over what is really and what is not. Let's face it everything in Ana's life seems like a dream to me.

I love how in this book, she is his Mrs. It's very fascinating to see how much she has grown and how strong of a voice she has now over him. It tickles my heart to see how much both of them need each other yet so dangerous when they are together.

However, since she said yes to him, I cannot shake off the feeling that she also lost her freedom to not be his anymore. You get me? Not that I don't want them together but I want to see more drama between them and I want to see how Christian goes crazy over her. The jealousy is making my heart melt.  I also find it so interesting to watch Christine and Ana fighting but making out later. They do it too when they are married it's just different because now that she is Mrs. Grey, he has this thing over her that she can no longer say no for. I hope that makes sense. If you have not read this book then it might mean nothing to you but if you read it , you feel my pain.

I love living in Ana's mindset a lot, throughout the whole series, I truly do. She is very strong yet innocent, fierce yet sweet, flirty yet knows what she wants. I would LOVE tho, to read a trilogy in Christine's point of view. I bet every breathing soul would agree.

The last bit where the author let us into Christine's mind when he first met Ana was magical. That is all I have to say and can say. * secretly laughing and uncontrollably smiling behind the keyboards of my laptop.

hugs and kisses

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