Friday, 22 April 2016

See Me

See Me

I remember reading Nicholas Sparks' books in middle school and high school. He ruined my reality boyfriend check list. I read almost all of his book and was sad that he didn't publish anything for a while. When I heard he was publishing a new book, See Me, I was over the moon!

I grabbed the book immediately and started to drown myself in his fantasy, romance, and thriller.

He never disappoints.

This book was the NEXT LEVEL. It's romantic, mysterious, and thrilling! It's almost like a CSI movie only better.

In this book, Maria is a lawyer, living an almost simple life. Colin had a rough past; he as been in jail and have anger issue. When they first met each other, you can tell that they didn't like each other at all. But then, they got together one day and actually had fun spending time and getting to know each other better.

When everything seems to fall perfectly into place for Maria and Colin, things got out of hand. A stalker has been threatening Maria. Since Maria is a lawyer, she had a case once where a girl was killed by her boyfriend. The whole family was broken and the mother of the dead girl committed suicide, the brother lost his mind and the father was suspicious. When Maria receives multiple strange treats, Colin was very protective but that also made him lost control over his anger issue. He became very violent, someone Maria didn't fall in love with. Will Maria break up with Colin after seeing his dark side? Who really was threatening Maria? Was it the family or was it the boyfriend that killed the girl?

This book had me jumping up and down my seat. It's unbelievable and really well written. It's such an easy read and brings back memories of high school. Only Nicholas Sparks. 

hugs and kisses

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