Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Me Before You Book Review

Me Before You

After reading fifty shades, I find it hard to start a new book because all I want to do is reread the trilogy. (BTW, there's less than 300 days till Fifty Shades of Darker comes out) But this book made my inner self flutter into the air and believe in true romance without the sex part.

This book started off quite confusing and disappointing but after Clark meet Will, everything came together. It was absolutely adorable and utterly sweet. Clark has a healthy physical body but her mind would not let her go places. She thinks that she will never fit in anywhere and would rather stay where she is, never changing. Will used to have the perfect life; he had a good job, travel around, learned different languages, and he is obviously really rich but after an accident, Will is paralyzed and can no longer live the way he wants to. When you bring two broken people together, you form something better than miracle.

I cannot wait for the movie because the Mother of Dragon from Game of Thrones is Clark! How amazing is that? I also really love the story line. It kinda reminds me of Nicholas Sparks' magic.

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